June 7, 2013

It's a Special Awkward Awesome Friday!



*A co-worker asking me about my new job.  When I tell her that it's basically a secretary position at State Farm she tells me I'm too smart and better than that.  Um thanks? But I'm actually excited.
*Again, while on a field trip, co-workers asking where I'm going to go after leaving the daycare.  When I tell them, one of them says "Oh, that's boring".  Again.  I'm excited.  Oh yeah, and I'll be making more money than you and I never have to change poopy diapers again if I so choose.  I win.
*Being sent in to get my photo taken for my State Farm badge and seeing a gurney in the room.
*Telling my new boss after my orientation that I feel like a grown up.  Yeah, I've worked with small children for too long.
*Talking to a children's mental health consultant at work who had come to observe about moving and starting a new job. She responded with... "Oh, they say you really shouldn't make more than one major life change at a time."  Oh, well yeah I'm making two and yeah they're happening within two days of each other.  Yep.

*Today is my last day in childcare!!
*My orientation yesterday.  My new boss is super sweet.  She and my recruiter assured me that my State Farm boss is awesome.  Jen (my Randstad boss) even said she's her favorite.  Yay!!
*Seeing my new desk!
*I'm moving tomorrow!!
*I realized that my new place is literally a stone's throw away from my friend Katie's house! I was feeling secluded from most of my friends at my new place at first.  Most of them live in Bloomington and I am moving to Normal.

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