June 21, 2013

Awkward Awesome Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  It's really nice that I have not been counting down to Friday the past couple weeks.  Not to say the new job has not had its awkward moments!

-The "blackberry" trees that line the Constitution Trail.  I run this trail at least twice a week.  And these trees drop their little blackberry fruits all over the trail.  My shoes look like they've been used to make homemade jam.
-My cat.  When people come to visit she gets all excited.  She nuzzles people, sniffs them, gets in their face.  Then if any one makes a sudden move.  Hissy Hissy.  Brat.
-A BP on my floor the other day came over to Floor Support (where I have been sitting with Katie, the girl I am replacing) looked at me, looked at the desk of Katie's partner (who was away) and looked back at me and said "Is anyone here?"  Ummmm.  Hi?
-Confessing to a friend that I often have dreams about getting married.  In the midst of them I'm so incredibly convinced that it's real and am telling everyone in the dream that it's really happening.  Then, wake up.  Well I told my friend about these yesterday... and had one last night.  They are such a buzz kill.
-How incredibly painful my dress shoes are.  I have been used to wearing flip flops, crocs, gym shoes, or the like over the past three years.  Yep, my feet are a mess right now.
-Sitting alone in the SF cafeteria.  Definitely makes you feel like you're 8 years old again and the new kid in school.

-Summer conference in Carbondale next week!
-Get to babysit Al my pal tomorrow night!  She's a little cutie from my old preschool class.
-A parent of another former student sending me a picture she had painted in the interoffice mail.  So cute.
-Having my bestie at work!!!  We can IM each other any time we're stressed (well anytime she is stressed... since I don't have a lot of stress yet), she sends me funny emails, and when I need to walk through her building, I drive by post-it her desk while she's in meetings.  Who says an office job is boring?
-Having two bosses that make sure you're getting what you need as a newbie, are appreciative of what you do and are on top of things!  Not just one, I have two!
-Becoming a runner!  Ran for 23 minutes without stopping yesterday!! (though my muscles are paying for it today)

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