May 3, 2013

Blogger Love

I thought I'd take a minute to share some of my favorite blogs and websites that I've been reading.  These are ladies that inspire me and make me laugh.  Some of these I've read from the beginning and some I'm just getting to know.  But, I think these women have great things to share!

 1. Dashing Dish : This website was created by Katie Farrell.  She is an amazing woman from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  After years of struggling with eating disorders and bad relationships with food, she found freedom and healing in Christ.  She created Dashing Dish with help from her hubs to share recipes, workouts, and advice with other women.  She has some amazing recipes and has an incredible heart for God's daughters.  I've been reading her website all this week and it's really given me a lot of comfort and motivation.

 2. The Daybook : The Daybook is a blog written by Syndey Poulton.  This is a blog I went back to the beginning on and read all the way through.  This girl is hilarious.  She's got amazing style.  Her love for her son and husband is the motivation behind her blog.  I enjoy reading her posts and tracking her evolution of style.

3. Can You Stay for Dinner? : Andie Mitchell created Can You Stay for Dinner? after losing 135 pounds!  She's a foodie and posts amazing recipes that she's created.  She is incredibly transparent about her weight loss journey and recovery from food dependency.  Some of her posts have made me cry because I see so much of myself in her story and only hope that 5 years from now I can look back lovingly on my past they way she does.

4. Hello Hue : This blog is written by Lindsay Wilkins.  This is another one I've read start to finish.  She posts about everything from family life to being a military wife to style to food to art.  She's also pretty funny.  I really enjoy how colorful her site is and have gotten some great painting and decorating ideas from her.

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