April 29, 2013

Top Ten Moments From My Non-Color, Color Run!

Yep, you read it right.  My first 5K was hosted by a church in town to raise money for their food pantry.  The event was run by the college ministry.  They clearly made their own homemade color powder and didn't test it before the run.  It looked like ground up chalk.  Very disappointing.  However, I finished!  I didn't pass out.  I didn't throw up.  I finished in 34 minutes!  It was awesome!  I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for a legit color run through Color Vibe in Aurora on July 6th.  I'll be doing that with one of my besties and I'm so stoked!  Those pictures should be a lot more fun!  But here are the pictures from this weekend!

  Getting ready for the start!
 Got to experience this with Andrew, Matt, and my little buddy Isaiah!
 Keep moving...keep moving.

 Made it to the finish!
 This was my running buddy Becky.  We were within yards of each other the entire time and finished together.

Top 10 Moments
1.  Seeing Dad walk up the path!  First time I'd seen him since Christmas.
2.  Going into the bathroom to change into my long sleeved shirt and coming out to see my mom standing there who'd driven down to surprise me!  It was also the first time I'd seen her since Christmas.  Cried a little.
3.  Meeting up with Andrew and Matt.  Matt is my small group leader and I've known him for almost nine years.  It felt good to have my church buddies with me!
4.  Anytime I passed someone.  Not last!  Not last!
5.  Making a new friend while experiencing our first 5K!  It's so much easier when you have support!
6.  The halfway point: it was a welcomed sight.
7.  Finishing!
8.  Lunch with mom and dad at Destihl.  Tasty stuff.
9.  Fitting in to size 16 jeans at Old Navy while shopping with mom!  Had to buy the 18's though because they didn't have any 16 regulars.  But the 16's buttoned and zipped!!!
10.  Calling Colleen and committing to a REAL color run in July!

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