March 21, 2013

DIY Workout Tank

Y'all know I'm on the fitness wagon.  As of this morning I'm down 23 pounds!  I broke a plateau this morning that I've never broken before!  In honor of that I'd like to share a little DIY project I found!  I found this little project on Pinterest.  It's the non-sewer's project because there is no sewing involved.  I happen to love sewing but, realizing that a lot of my friends don't have the patience for it and are on a budget, I thought this would be something cool to share.
Start out with an old t-shirt.  Make sure it's a size larger than you'd normally wear.  I have this one from my YPC days.  I had already cut off the collar.  Be sure when you cut the collar off that you do it close to the seam.

 Next cut off each sleeve.  Again make sure it's close to the seam.
Now you've got a dude's muscle shirt.  Time to pretty it up!
 Fold the shirt in half length wise and cut from the shoulder down so that there is about a one to two inch strap.  Folding in half helps to be sure the tank is cut evenly.
 Unfold the tank and turn it face down.  Cut the arm holes so that the back of the tank is narrower than the front.
 Clean up any frays.
Clean up the neck of the tank.  Cut the neck of the tank an inch lower.

 Take one of the cut off sleeves and cut a 2 inch strip from it. 
This strip will tie up the back of the tank.

Tying the back is a little tricky.  Be sure to tie the know up towards the top of the tank or you will have a knot in your back when you do crunches or sit ups!  Wrap the strip around the back of the tank two to three times and tie it so the know is on the inside of the tank.  You'll be able to slide the wrap higher or lower even after you knot it and adjust it to where you like it.
Voila! You've got yourself a new (and free) workout shirt!  Happy snipping!

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