March 30, 2013

Aren't We Fortunate?

I was thinking about Easter today.  Last night I attended my church's Good Friday service.  My pastor began by reading the scene from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe where Aslan is killed.  He then read from scripture about the death and victory of our Savior.  He was sure to point out how we already know how everything changed three days later.

It got me thinking.

Aren't we fortunate to live in this time?  Aren't we blessed to know that Christ was victorious over sin and death through his resurrection?  I couldn't help but think of his disciples the day after his death.

I thought about them, waking up that next morning, remembering that their Lord was now dead, their dreams of seeing his Kingdom seemingly ended, the memory of one of their own betraying Jesus, the fear of persecution by the leaders who'd nailed him to a cross, and on top of it, all but one of them having to live with the knowledge that they had run from him in his time of need.

The grief that they had to deal with.  I can't imagine.  Good Friday always makes me sad, but I know how the "story" ends!  My Savior was victorious!  Death was defeated.  Satan was beaten.  But they had no idea. 

Imagine their joy that first Easter Sunday.  I actually watched The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie today.  Aslan's death is always emotional.  But oh my goodness when he comes back to life and lets out that roar?  All I can think of is my beloved Jesus overcoming my sin, death, and the enemy.  He is the Lion of Judah after all.  How fortunate we are to live in this time where we already know that Jesus is victorious. 

Happy Easter!

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