February 1, 2013

Awesome Awkward Friday


Happy Friday!

*That moment when you finally get to wear your new hat, walk into work, and then you darling friend tells you you look like a mugger.  Great.

*Your younger sister giving you dating/flirting advice.  Bless her heart, but it doesn't matter how old we are Al, you will always be my "little" sister.  I was so excited to get to talk to her though! :)

*Pictures from high school.  Man we were attention whores.

*The way Bloglovin' forgets to send me one of my blogs every week and then sends all those forgotten posts in one day.

*Unscheduled observations at work.  They catch me so off guard and make me nervous.  Not a fan.

*God providing financially in a big way last weekend.

*I lost 11 pounds in January!

*Little Alex in my class is so tiny that her pants often slide down.  I kindly remind her that she's losing her britches and needs to pull them up.  She then proceeds to hike them up as high as she can and walk around in a very Urkle-like way.  Love that girl.

*Yesterday a very rough, pretty naughty kid was not watching wear he was going as he ran down a piece of gym equipment in the multipurpose room.  He barreled into the smallest boy in my class and knocked him clear to the ground.  I proceeded to reprimand him.

Me: (First Name, Last Name)!  You need to be more careful!  You knocked poor Kamden over!
Boy: He didn't watch out!
Me: No, you didn't watch out.  You need to watch what you're doing.  You owe him an apology.
Boy {Stares at me blankly}
Other Boy: Awkward!

Did I mention the room had gone completely silent when I said the boy's name?  It was hilarious.

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