January 12, 2013

Tidbits From My Not So Awesome Saturday Morning

So 2013 has been pretty good to me so far.  I'm back on the fitness bandwagon and it's going great so far.  I'm learning to live healthy (on a budget thanks to my new insurance and high taxes kicking in).  I'm learning every day to trust God with my health, my future, and my money.  So with all that positivity being said... let me share with you the ridiculousness that was my Saturday morning.

10 Not So Awesome Things About Saturday

1. Waking up at 7:00  Yes, that's 7AM on a Saturday.
2. Going into the kitchen to make my usual peanut butter and banana oatmeal only to discover I'm out of bananas.
3. Driving to the gym to work out and having to park in the extra lot.  Yes, I pay over $50 a month to go to this place and I had to park half a block away from it.
4. Being invited to share a lane with a guy I don't know and then proceed to have him nearly run into me 5 separate times.
5. The awkwardness that are silicone swim caps.  They just do not stay on my head!  I'm constantly having having the pull the stupid thing down so it doesn't go flying off my head.  I finally had to just switch to my old latex cap.  Smooth.
6. The awful design that is plus size swimsuits.  They have awkward bra cups sewn in, they're never long enough, and they are just plain ugly.  My new one does not fit and I am constantly having to pull it up to avoid spilling out of it.  Yeah, that makes the workout more fun.
7. Having people try to talk to you when you're getting dressed.  Just don't, ok?
8. Forgetting the mousse I could have sworn I packed at home so instead of nice, styled hair, I get to walk out with a frizzy, pony-tailed mess.
9. Groceries and how insanely expensive they are.
10. I get to spend my Saturday night with small children.  The extra money will be nice, but I usually reserve my weekends for adult interaction.

So on that grumpy note, I hope your Saturday is better than mine.

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