December 21, 2012

It's Awkward Awesome Friday!

Happy Friday and Happy first day of Winter!  One more day at work then packing up our stuff and making a roadtrip with the Shmona girl (aka: my cat- Ramona) up to the suburbs tomorrow morning.  Can't wait to see my family!

*My sister's dog has rain anxiety.  He refuses to pee outside when it's raining.  Poor little guy.  Did I mention she lives in Seattle?

*A parent who comes to pick up their child and discovers their child has a soiled pull-up.  They then proceed to ask us to change said child even though they are there and are clearly capable of changing diapers.  They then proceed to use the excuse that they "don't like poopy diapers".  Oh you know, because we LOVE them!!

*Having to create a Facebook event for your own birthday.  Yay, come celebrate me!  Uhhhh....

*How many times a day my preschoolers spill their milk/juice each day.  I'm ready to put newspaper under the tables!

*Christmastime without snow.  It's not only awkward being that we live in Illinois, but it's just plain sad.

 * The playdoh I made for my class.  It's a combination of water, flour, salt, baby oil, and cream of tartar.  I got it from this blogger.  It made great playdoh.  But it's awkward to admit that it smelled like a {clean} diaper.

*The stash of swim gear I got from my wonderful sister for Christmas!  Love it!

*My little Al pal at work grabbing on to my leg and telling me how much she loves me.  Whelp.

*My preschoolers' reactions to the snow fall on Monday.  They went crazy!

*I get to see my family this weekend!  Oh yeah... and Christmas is only a few days away!

*Two new church plants going out in our network this summer!  That will make a total of ten churches in the network.  I really cannot wait for Clearview's turn to plant!

*Getting gas for $2.82 on Tuesday!  So glad I filled up because it shot up to $3.19 the next day.

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