September 3, 2012

Here's to happiness!

I've been reading through an incredibly funny, sweet, and pretty little blog called The Daybook.  When I find a blog I like, I enjoy reading it from the very beginning.  It's actually a blog I discovered while working at Victory with my friend Carissa. {she's a huge fan!} I came across this entry which inspired the entry you are now reading.  Plus, over the past week I have had many a conversation about being happy.  I had a great talk with one of my amazing pastors on Tuesday, and since then, I've had a much more positive outlook on my life.  I am able to take frustrating situations, pick them apart to their bones, and truly digest what is happening instead of just freaking out and crying about it.  I'm hoping its something I can continue to do.

Things that make me terribly happy:
  • * Days off work: not just weekend days, holidays like today where I have no family parties or obligations.  I get to sleep until 8:30, do craft projects, and snuggle with ms. Ramona. I've come to really enjoy these days now that I'm not working in the school districts and my days off are few.
  • * Ramona: the non-cat people's cat.  One of my favorite things is having her sit on top of the cabinets while I'm cooking.  Julia Child may have had pictures of cats in her kitchen.  I have a real one! :)
  • * Cooking Channel: no-name cooks, attractive editing and production, yummy recipes.  Love.
  • * A clean apartment
  • * Autumn: see this post for details.
  • * Cooking and imagining I have my own show on Cooking Channel {what a nerd, you may say?  you have no idea}
  • * Laughing until I cry
  • * Any trip to Hobby Lobby: honestly, between the pretty music they play, the smell of craft supplies, and the sight of Christmas decorations in August; doesn't get much better!
  • * Computer game and pizza nights with Em. {told you, nerd girl: right here}
  • * Trips to Fresh Market: this place is a foodie's paradise. Pretty classical music playing, gorgeous produce, fresh breads and meats, yummy cheeses.  Love. {hope to someday change this to trips to Trader Joe's... if blo-no would take a hint and open one here!}

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