September 21, 2012

Awkward Awesome Friday!

* The slight scent of cannabis that neighbors have been attempting to cover up with Febreze.  Good job dingleheads.

* Spilling an entire glass of diet coke at the Mexican restaurant and then later that same night spilling your piece of cookie cake on the floor as well.  Just give up and go home!

* Listening to kids play pretend.  Then, they notice you're listening and run away.

* One of my friends questioning our friendship because I'd never had a pumpkin donut before.  He also was disappointed in me later when I turned down bacon on my hamburger at Steak 'n Shake.  What can I say?!  I had a huge cup of ice cream that day so bacon just didn't sound good.  Sorry Jordan!

* My venting post yesterday.  Sorry everyone.

* Being ambushed by an independent meat supplier in the parking lot.  Creepy?  Random?  Odd?  No, I don't want to tell you my name or what apartment I'm in.  Running away now!

* Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory: Best season EVER.  Again, I have the best mommy ever!!

* How adventurous I've been with my hair lately.  I'm finally discovering the wonders of dry shampoo.  No more slob Haley over here!

* This amazing cool weather we've been having.  'Tis glorious.

* Conversations about books and movies.  They are one of my favorite things!

* Fall decorations and scented candles.  {Grin}

* Sitting in an easy chair with an open window, rain falling, and a Friday with nothing to do!

* This is my 100th blog post!!  Woot!

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