September 7, 2012

A little awkward, a little awesome

Happy Friday!

*Me starting to write this post on Monday, wishing it were already Friday.

*Getting dressed after showering at the gym.  Come on, you know it's awful.  Especially when two little girls, all dressed in their swim gear are standing there staring at you as you struggle to dress under your towel, waving, and saying "hi! hi! hi!"  Finally I said "hi" and pointed away from me.  Hi, maybe you little ones don't realize this is awkward so I'm here to tell you: it's awkward!

*Running into someone you know at Kroger when your hair is dripping wet, unbrushed, and when you still have goggle marks around your eyes.  Ummmm, hey there.

*Plus size clothing. Period. Question: why do all plus size clothing designers believe that A: all plus size women have large rear ends and require miles of extra fabric in the hips of their trousers? or B: that all plus size women enjoy ugly prints and frumpy styles? And if it's not ugly or frumpy: it's sooooo expensive. Ugh.  Take a hint knuckleheads.

*A gentleman asked to share a lane with me yesterday.  Then in mid lane he decides he no longer wants to be in my lane and swims under the lane lines, two lanes over and keeps going.  Oooook, bye?

*Another locker room incident.  Yesterday (again while getting dressed) a little boy was standing in the same cubicle as me with his mother.   And as they were walking away I heard him say "mommy, I don't like that girl".  Ouch.  The mother told him that wasn't nice and reminded him that that's not possible since he doesn't even know me.  It's always fun to have your self-esteem shot down by a three year old.  Brat.

*Big Shoulders is tomorrow!  I will be swimming a 2.5K swim directly behind my dad's 5K heat.  Can't wait!  The cooler weather and choppy water caused by wind and rain, might not be so awesome!

*Aldi now sells natural peanut butter, greek yogurt, real maple syrup (not the high-fructose corn syrup kind: the REAL kind), and mock-Nutella!  As if Aldi weren't awesome enough!  This eating healthy thing will still be possible not shopping at the more expensive stores!  Love!

*Great friends who let you do laundry at their house so you don't have to sit in a hot and humid laundry mat.

*Greek yogurt mixed with nutella.  Stick in the freezer for an hour and add bananas.  Homemade frozen yogurt.  Yums.

*My amazing new brown boots.  I'm normally not a boot girl because I have trouble finding ones that fit my calves.  Lane Bryant makes shoes now!  And I had a coupon!  Cha-ching!

*Being able to wear a shirt that used to be too snug. *happy dance

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