July 24, 2012


It's been a few weeks since my decision to make necessary lifestyle changes.  I've been eating clean as much as possible and working out 4-5 days a week, alternating running w/weight training and swimming.  The result thus far?  Six pounds gone! I got this idea below from Pinterest.  When I first saw it I though it was kind of silly.  But it's like I'm three years old.  Moving those marbles from one jar to the next may seem simple... but it really gets me excited!  Now I know why my Gators get so excited about putting marbles in the incentive jar.

 Here's my colorful fruit and veggie bowl.  It looked even prettier on Thursday when it had peppers and tomatoes.

My lovely organized fridge.  Eating clean is definitely a challenge and expensive.  It's getting easier to make the good choices as the weeks go by.  I've learned to love greek yogurt!  I've started buying sprouted grain bread.  This week it's spelt bread.  It's super tasty, especially when toasted.  My favorite breakfast right now is an egg scramble with spinach, peppers, tomato, and onion.  
I also discovered an awesome chicken recipe! My tip? Put aluminum foil in your baking dish because the sugar in the maple syrup that runs onto the sides will burn to your dish and is near impossible to get off!!

A stocked freezer is a great thing! My frozen bananas are starting to overtake their container.  Banana bread must be made asap. Look Momma!  I'm eating my peas!  The trick to eating veggies is frozen, not canned!  Canned veggies have no flavor and tons of extra sodium.

I came home today to two motivational gifts!  A gift card to my favorite grocery store from my roommate and a book sent to me from my dad.

Unfortunately, my goal now is to get rid of a cough that has snuck up on me thanks to the fact that I work with three year old children in what might as well be a petri dish.  So off to bed and probably a day off from the gym tomorrow.  A little hard to breathe as it is.  Probably wouldn't be a good idea to try and swim!

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