May 28, 2012

Ineke's Wedding Weekend!!

This past weekend was Ineke's wedding in Michigan.  I got to stand up with some amazing ladies who made the weekend incredibly fun.  Ineke (EE-ne-kuh) was stunning of course and her creativity for her wedding blew me away.  Needless to say we all had a great time!  We started the weekend at bridesmaid Amanda's house and PF Chang's for the Bachelorette party.  We stayed at a really nice hotel Friday night after the rehearsal dinner.  The wedding itself was at Windmill Island in Holland, Michigan.  Ineke's entire family is of Dutch heritage.  After visiting Holland, I've pretty much decided I want to live there.  Such a beautiful little town.  This was the first wedding I'd been in since I was 9 and it was such a fun experience.  I even caught the bouquet and was asked to dance twice!  Haven't had that much fun at a wedding in a long time!  Anyhow, here are some pictures from the weekend!

  Our fondue spread at Amanda's house

Kiss the Hunk game

The Bride with her Emergen-she kit from Crystal.  I'm glad we got a picture of the bag intact because eventually from all the transporting the rhinestones came off.  :(

When it was Ineke's turn to play we stuck a picture of Joel's face on the hunk.  Gave her a giggle.

Friday we headed to Holland for nail appointments, lunch, and rehearsal!

Saturday morning greeted us with rain.  So if we believed in luck, rain on the wedding day actually happened.  Fortunately we had beautiful sunny skies and a cool breeze the rest of the day.  This is the big windmill for which the park is named.

 Here's a picture of the row of shops and exhibits at Windmill Island.

Something just too ironic about these numbers.  I had emailed Joel with questions for a game at the party on Thursday.  I asked him to pick a number 1-20.  He told me his favorite number is 16.  Ineke's favorite number is 13.  When I noticed these numbers on the building I just couldn't get over how great that was!

Bridal Suite!

Where we spent a lot of our day getting ready!

 Our flowers

Ineke's flowers

 Our beautiful, yet finicky bridesmaid dresses.  These dresses were awesome when it started to get a little warm outside.  They were also really pretty.  However what ever fabric they are made from attracts stains!  Even water would leave marks on the dresses.  It kind of became the joke for the day.  "Don't touch the dresses!"

 This picture is cute for two reasons.  One is that it represents the fact that Ineke has a lot of shoes.  The second is that those wooden shoes are just so sweet!

So darling.

 Ineke's fake cake.  She and Joel decided on a desert bar instead of cake but wanted to have something to cut into for tradition.  This entire cake is fake except for the little piece you can see on the bottom left part of the cake.  The birdies were made by yours truly!

Rather than having programs Ineke painted several old windows with chalk board paint and wrote out details about the wedding.  There were two at the ceremony cite that had the names of her bridal party, officiant, and family.
This picture does not do justice to how pretty she looked!!

 The wedding party.  What a fun group of people!! From the right: Crystal, Seth, Tessa, Gabe, Ineke, Joel, Carl, Amanda, Justin, and Me

This picture is just so sweet!  Not only do they look so incredibly happy but how cute are Ineke's nephews?!  Ryker and Luke almost stole the show!

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  1. Great pics! I'm so glad you had a good time, Haley!


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