January 27, 2012

It's Awesome Awkward Friday!

It's been a while since I've done one of these but here we go!
-Trying to work at my desk and having a patron speaking very loudly on his bluetooth whilst standing infront of said desk.  Shush much?
-My roommate sitting in her chair with Ramona sitting on the back cushion.  The awkward part is that each time Ashley got up to switch chairs, Ramona followed her.  Weird cat.
-Having dreams about your children when you are neither married or even close to having children.
-Texting a friend early in the morning to wish him a happy birthday, thinking I'm ahead of the game... only to realize right after I sent the message, that it is in fact the day before his birthday.  Good going blondie.
-Lady at the children's museum trying to get all of my students to hold hands before opening the door for us so we could walk to the bus.  Um... we're professionals at herding children, but thanks.
-Boy conversations.  Yeah you know, the ones they have when women are not around or when they forget women are around.  When I have to remind myself afterwards why I want to marry one.  Eeeshk.

-Getting all 9 children to sleep during nap on Monday and Thursday... by myself.  Rockstar.
-$3.05 gas.  Never thought that would excite me.
-Coconut milk whipped cream sandwiched by two Nutella cookies.  Mmmmmm yeah buddy.
-Creating a handprint rainbow with the kiddies.  I picked the oldest kid to do the red stripe because it's the biggest and takes the longest.  I told her I picked her because she was 4 now (it was her birthday) and I knew she could handle it.  Little more than half way through her handprinting she cries out "Ms. Haley, I can't handle this!"  Died laughing.
-Having little ones fight over who gets to hold your hand.  I feel like a celebrity sometimes.
-Famous Dave's for dinner tonight to celebrate Jordan's birthday.  Should be amazing!

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