October 14, 2011

So I'm a Thief...

I recently came across this blog thanks to a friend at work.  This girl's blog mainly focuses on fashion (modest fashion!!) and she's pretty funny.  She has a weekly entry called "Awesome Awkward Thursdays".  I've decided this is kind of a brilliant idea because it helps one safely vent on the strange things that happen during the week and reflect on the great stuff.

So I thus present my Awkward Awesome Recap.

- making myself presentable and getting psyched up for small group only to go out to the parking lot and discover that the car won't start.
- ramona finding a plastic seal from the milk carton and being more excited about that than the numerous toys I've bought her.
- having a three year old student wipe their nose with their hand after crying and using your jeans as means to clean said hand. (gags)
- whilst reprimanding the same student about their behavior, they attempt to kiss you. (awk!)
- upstairs neighbor making ridiculous amounts of noise.  probably babysitting his friend's pet elephant.
- realizing that living in a basement apartment is making you paranoid that people are looking in your windows.
- doing laundry on a friday night

- hot showers after a really long day
- brownies
- discovering how incredibly helpful and money saving a crock pot can be
- deep conversations with wonderful friends who have stuck by you for years and gaining perspective on difficult situations that are totally in God's hands.
- car repairs being $200 cheaper than expected
- JJ Heller's new cd.
- having my best friend's husband drive me to pick up my car from the shop.  it was the first time we'd ever had a one on one conversation and the awesome part was that the majority of the conversation revolved around a topic I never thought I'd know anything about...the Ultimate Fighter on Spike.

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