February 13, 2011

It's A New Season

Our church was planted in 2003 out of a church down in Carbondale, IL.  I began attending Clearview in 2004 when I was a freshman in college.  We were meeting in a high school cafeteria when I started going and we then moved into an old theater in 2005.  We've been there up until now.  We are rapidly outgrowing the space and currently sharing it with people who hold concerts in the theater.  It's by God's grace we've been in our space for this long.  Other businesses that we've shared the theater with have been removed or failed but God's allowed us to stay and has blessed us with amazing growth!  Now we have a new lease in a building in Normal.  It's going to truly stretch us as a church financially but in the end will be an incredible display of God's grace and blessing.  It's going to grow us (individually and literally as a group).  The reality is that by the end of this year our church could be big enough to start planning to plant churches.  Yikes!  It's just amazing how God grew a group of 5 people into a church family.  He is so good.

This part of the space was an old "Make a Mess" center.  A place for kids' birthday parties.  It will become a place for our church family to worship God and spread the love of Jesus!
(above)This will eventually be our coffee bar!  No more cramped little back room!
(above) This is the auditorium.  This is the view from the "seats"
View from the "stage".  The purple and green wall in the back will be knocked down.
Behind this wall will be our pastors' offices and conference room.  I kind of like the aliens and black lights!  (heh heh)
There is also another part to the space that used to be an old coffee/tea place.  It will house our kids church space and youth room!  The wall between it and Make a Mess will be knocked down.


  1. thanks sooo much for posting pics! I wasn't able to go today..
    I think the aliens should stay for sure.. ;)
    this makes it so much more real seeing pics of the space we're going to have! so excited!

  2. Thanks for posting these--It is going to be amazing!


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