August 25, 2010

Meet Elliot

This post is dedicated to a little dolly I've had for over 20 years.  
Elliot was given to me by my great grandma Kruger when I was a little girl.  I named her after the main character from E.T. (yes I know THAT Elliot is a boy... what can I say? I was 3.) She was greatly loved for many years before finding a spot in our basement.  When my mom moved out of my childhood home, it was my job to go through the stuffed animals and decide what to get rid of.  Elliot made it to the "keep" box and was then moved to a storage shed. Finally, a couple weeks ago my mom decided we needed to empty the storage shed.  I then transported a few boxes I had to my apartment here in Bloomington.  I washed all of the stuffed animals in that box... needless to say Elliot still looked miserable.  When Rebecca and Addy were over one night I pulled the box of toys out of my closet.  Addy's words when she saw Elliot?  "I don't like that dolly."  Yes, she was a little scary looking.  Now, you will see her transformation! I was inspired by the idea of making her into something that someday, my future daughters or granddaughters could love!

Step 1: remove old dress and matted hair. (sorry for the creepiness)

Step 2: Wash in hot bleach/soapy water... twice.

Not perfect, but clean enough.

Step 3: New dress!

Step 4: New hair!

All Done!!

Green Dress                                                                  Sassy Butterfly Dress

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  1. What a great job- looks terrific!


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